About Obatama

Health and upbeat is over simply however you look. It’s regarding feeling robust, confident, energized, and comfy in your own skin. It’s regarding having the ability to try and do the activities you like and feel your best whereas doing them.

I believe that strength is contagious which living a healthy life can allow you to become your happiest and best self, each in and out of the gymnasium.

Hi, I’m Obatama, and I’m here to assist you succeed your goals and reach your fullest potential.

I’m therefore happy that you’ve stopped by my website! a number of you’ll acknowledge Pine Tree State because the blogger behind Fitness & Feta. I recently determined to require a colossal leap of religion and leave my full time company job to show my diary and fervour for fitness into a web business. within the method, F&F has rebranded into this new web sitesucceed with Obatama.

I promise that I’ll still be here with an equivalent voice and content, solely currently it’ll be better… and with a replacement look, feel, and name.

My philosophy is that health and well-being could be a personal responsibility, not a privilege. Our bodies need tomove frequently by coaching smarter, not longer. Our bodies need to be fueled properly with whole and nutrient dense foods ninetieth of the time. However, fitness and nutrition square measure simply 2 items of the puzzle. Cultivating a positive mind-set and body image, managing stress effectively, prioritizing rest and recovery, and close ourselves with those that raise Indonesian up square measure all equally as vital to total body health. Oh yeah, and ensuring to own a bit fun on the means.

It’s ne’er too late to require the primary step toward a healthier you.
And I’d like to assist you get there by teaching you ways that square measure realistic, property, shame free, and fun. Too many of us out there assume that well-being has got to be onerous. It doesn’t! Your coaching and different healthy living decisions ought to be enhancing your life, not creating it additional sophisticated.

Through my diary and social media channels, you’ll notice new insights and tools that may not solely facilitatealter your approach to well-beinghowever can assist you with cultivating a positive mind-set so you’ll love your individual journey and find lasting results.

I like to share items of my very own journey and adventures in life, however you’ll conjointly notice Pine Tree State growing for you on your journey also. My goal is to inspire ladiesto be assured, treat themselves with self compassion, and settle for themselves wherever they’re. At the top of the day, i need to point out that living a healthy and consummated life doesn’t got to be sophisticated or pricy.

It’s regarding maintaining balance, keeping things real, and celebrating the successes on the means.

Thank you for stopping by! i might like to hear from you, therefore please be at liberty to contact Pine Tree State if you have got any queries, comments, ideas, or simply wish to mention hullo. I are often reached via email at mail@obatama.com.